stop unwanted bot traffic

Stop unwanted bot traffic are software applications that automate tasks over the internet and imitate human behavior. They execute mundane and repetitive tasks swiftly, which makes them a practical option for tasks that are labor-intensive, costly, or dangerous for humans. The majority of bots on the internet are used for benign purposes, such as search engine crawler bots that help improve the user experience and content of sites. However, there are bad bots that use the Internet for malicious purposes like ad fraud, traffic generation, or data scraping. As a result, website owners have to learn how to stop unwanted bot traffic before it becomes a serious problem.

Guarding Your Website: Strategies to Stop Unwanted Bot Traffic in Its Tracks

Some of these bots are referred to as DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) bots, and they attack websites by flooding them with requests, which causes the website to slow or become unusable. Other types of bots include ticket and inventory bots, which go to websites and purchase tickets or products in bulk, then resell them for a profit on other sites.

HUMAN’s bot management solutions prevent this unwanted traffic by blocking the bots at the edge of your network. These solutions preserve page load performance and optimize security resources, so your team can focus on innovation and growth.