Facebook Bad Words List

A facebook bad words list  list helps you to filter out comments on your page that are irrelevant to your business. It can help you prevent discussions that are off topic and could stifle productive discussion. You can use this if you are worried about offending people with your posts or don’t want to waste time moderating every comment.

How do I block adult content on YouTube?

The Facebook community guidelines have been updated to include explicit terms for “adult nudity, hate speech and dangerous individuals.” The company’s independent oversight board is also preparing to make a decision on whether to reinstate posts by users who were banned after they broke the rules. The latest rulings are a sign that the board is taking its role seriously.

In addition to profanity, Facebook allows you to block specific slang terms and emojis. You can upload a csv file to automatically hide any comments that contain these keywords on your page. Facebook determines which profanity to hide based on commonly reported offensive words and phrases. You can choose to filter profanity for mild, moderate or strong levels of vulgarity.

Spammers tend to be resourceful and can find ways around filters and a facebook bad words list. They can use slightly different spellings, add numbers or symbols or even insert spaces in between letters to escape spam filters. They also try to avoid using capital letters and exclamation marks as much as possible. This is because Facebook sees these as showing aggression. They also don’t like asking questions about an individual’s race, religion or age as these are considered sensitive topics.

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