Instagram Decals – Getting Started With Instagram Stickers

instagram decal

Instagram decals are a great way to add some design to your stories and increase engagement. You can use them to create a unique look, reinforce your brand, or simply to make it more fun for your followers to interact with you.

There are lots of different types of stickers on instagram decal, and you can find them in your Stories drawer if you tap on the sticker icon. They include things like hashtag stickers, mention stickers, link stickers, polls and questions, and location stickers.

Getting started with Instagram Stickers

To begin adding an instagram decal to your story, tap on the sticker icon in the top menu bar (it looks like a smiley face). Then choose a sticker type from the menu that pops up.

Currently, there are eight different sticker types: #Hashtag, Mention, Link, Poll Sticker, Emoji Slider, Location, Add Yours, and Donate.

Show Your Style: Creating and Using Instagram Decals for Your Personal Branding

#Hashtag – When you tag a hashtag on your story, other users will see it in the story and on that hashtag’s page. This can be a great way to promote a new product or service that you’re offering.

#Link – Similar to the hashtag, you can link your story to a website or another content medium outside of Instagram. These links can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or engage with people who want to learn more about your business.

#Question – Asking questions is one of the best ways to get people involved in your story and build brand loyalty. You can ask them questions related to your products and services, your team, or even their experiences with your brand.

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