OTR Marketing – Frozen Food Distributor Cape Town


OTR Marketing Frozen Food Distributor Cape Town for sustained business success. Recognizing this, entrepreneurs worldwide prioritize reliable suppliers to ensure smooth operations. Operating as a leading dry goods distributor Cape Town, OTR Marketing aims to deliver just that. Established in 2008, the company offers a comprehensive selection of food-grade products and supplies primarily for restaurants and other commercial catering outlets.

With a dedicated approach to sourcing top-tier products, the company aligns with industry quality benchmarks. Furthermore, it strives to provide unparalleled customer service by prioritizing punctuality and transparent communication. This operational philosophy is further strengthened by a robust fleet of vehicles and a wide network of strategically located distribution centers.

Supplying Johannesburg’s Culinary Needs: OTR Marketing’s Wholesale Food Distribution”

As a fully vertically integrated business, Tacoma Foods imports, cuts and packs, warehouses, distributes and merchandises a variety of branded as well as private label products across South Africa and Southern African countries. It also provides warehousing and logistics services for its suppliers, offering total penetration of the local market. Additionally, it assists small regional brands to grow nationally by distributing & merchandising their products. These include Julies Frozen Foods, Frys Vegetarian Products, Ma Baker Pies, Midland Meats and Ladismith Cheese. In addition, it has warehoused, distributed and merchandised Shoprite/Checkers chilled & frozen House Brand Products for many years.

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